Bordle is a word-guessing game similar to Wordle, but only one of the letters in each word is the B emoji (which is a wild card, not a "B"). There will be a brand new term each and every day. 

How to play 

Put in whatever five-letter word you can think of as a starter. A green or yellow square will appear if you guess at least one letter correctly. If a letter is green, it signifies that it belongs where it should be. If a letter turns up in yellow, that suggests it should go somewhere else. Make more assumptions about the words in each row based on the information you've gleaned so far. You can choose from six different rows, or opportunities. The aim is to make guesses that get you as near to the correct answer as possible.

Keep in mind that the B emoji is NOT the letter "B" but rather a substitute for a variety of other letters. BOUGH and DUSBY were two examples of previous responses (DUSTY). 

The Wordle has been parodied and copied countless times, from language variants to games based on slurs (Lewdle), choral music (Byrdle), and even Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift Wordle) (Taylordle). The latest variant of the game is called Bordle, and it's arguably the most specialized of its kind. Have fun!


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