Flaggle is a word game for three to six people that moves quickly. Players try to be the first to use all of their letter tiles and win the game by adding them to a common word. What is it? The only letters that can be added are the ones that are in the word FLAGGLE.

If you know your etymology, you'll know that this game is an old version of a small flute called a flageolet or the word flagrant (exciting with fire or passion). If you don't, it might seem a little hard at first, but once you start, you'll see how hard it is to make a good word out of such strange letters.

Each player in this awesome game gets 22 letter tiles with different values. The vocabulary card tells players how many letters they need to make to win the game, usually between 3 and 6. Each player adds one tile from their hand at a time, as long as that tile's value exactly matches one of the letters in FLAGGLE. You can't place a tile if it doesn't match or make a word that isn't valid.

Flaggle is fast and a lot of fun. In this fast-paced game, you and your friends put together letters to make words.

Players take turns being the "caller" in this game. The caller tells the other players how to put letters together to make answers that are one word long. Players race to find a word that fits the criteria given by the caller while keeping their hands on their flaggles, which are small flags that represent your team. If a player can't find the right answer, they have to put the game back on the table. If you try three times and can't find a word, you have to put your game back on the table.

The person who is calling then picks another player to be the next person calling. The team that gets rid of all of its flags first wins.