Fruit Link

Fruit Link


In order to solve the puzzle in the fascinating and captivating game Fruits Link, you must connect fruits in any direction. Just making connections, break up different fruits. You may swiftly complete the colorful smashing and puzzle game's journey by connecting two, three, or even more fruits of the same kind to receive the greatest score. You must finish each level in a specific amount of time, so don't think the game is easy. This game promotes quick thinking and decision-making. Combinations can be quite useful. If you contrast the fruit that is exploding with other fruits of the same variety, you could be startled.


+Fruits Link gives you the ability to quickly link three or more fruits of the same color.

+The game has a ton of fun features. To kill the pumpkin corn monster, use fruits. You can also use fruits to fast remove lines of additional fruits to win bonus points.


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