Hamster Island

Hamster Island


Hamster Island is an adorable 3D game. The island needs to be developed, and new locations and upgrades must be purchased. Collect coins to buy hamster-friendly structures like farms, cafes, and restaurants.

This is a gorgeous paradise for hamsters and other small rodents. Let's create a community for those adorable little hamsters, shall we? For hamsters, you can construct a variety of buildings, including farmland, cafes, and restaurants. I would like to extend an invitation to new hamsters to join this community. You'll also find some hilarious hamsters that have been disguised as other animals just waiting for you to find them. Hamster Village welcomes you to come pet and interact with its lovable hamsters.


The game HAMSTER ISLAND is a three-dimensional simulation of a farm that was released on Monday, May 3, 2022. YAD.com is the company behind the creation of the game.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the wonderful world of Hamster Kingdom, where you will find hundreds of adorable hamsters living on floating islands.

Discovering the World of Colors is something that's been waiting for you. An interesting take on the genre's gameplay:

- Beautiful and colorful graphics!

- Very user-friendly interface!

- The controls are simple!


Tap or click to play.


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