Enjoying a game of word guessing like KANYERDLE, which is known online by its acronym, can be done on the internet. The game gives the player a total of six opportunities to correctly identify the keyword, increasing the player's likelihood of successfully assembling the maximum number of relevant puzzle pieces. Because players are only allowed a certain number of guesses, it is imperative that they proceed with extreme caution at all times. Do you have the ambition to become the best there is at predicting what other people are going to say? The pieces of sound advice that follow are listed below. You should sign up for KANYERDLE as soon as you can so that you can face the challenges head on.



You have six chances to identify Kanyerdle West's all-time favorite thing. Following each guess, the tiles will change color to indicate how close you got to the correct answer. A hint: Kanye only has one item that tops his list of favorites


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