Magic Pom

Magic Pom

Magic Pom is a game full of bright colors and exciting experiences. These poms are happy to have you visit their home so you may learn more about their culture. Do you feel like joining in on the action and playing a round of match three with them? 

If boredom is setting in and you want to try out a new game, say no more. Just let yourself go and you'll land in a fantastical new dimension. However, the world of poms is unlike anything you've ever seen. The fact that they encouraged you to come and play with them despite their notoriously high level of secrecy is cause for great pride. The goal of this game is comparable to those of similar titles. Before the clock runs out, you only have so much time to create a chain reaction of three identical poms. The goal of the game appears at the very top of the screen at the outset. The timer is located above that. Three adjacent poms of the same color must be connected. You can't draw a line between the three creatures you want if there's anything else in the middle. You should remember that by joining together five pom poms, you may make a unique pom pom that can be utilized to rescue the pom poms inside the bubble. The goals may shift from one stage to the next. Will you be able to reach the end of the game and fill up the magic bar? Have a good one!

How To Play Magic Pom

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