Math vs Bat

Math vs Bat

The bats in Math vs Bat have decided to attack your fortress, but they have no idea that you are armed with mathematical prowess! You have the manpower to quickly put an end to this invasion. Do you feel confident in your ability to save the day with only your knowledge of basic operations? 

If math has never been your strong suit in the classroom, perhaps this game will change your perspective. You're going for an extremely easy goal here. In order to win, you must eliminate as many bats as possible by answering the math questions written on their foreheads. Select one of four playable game modes from the main screen to get started. Counting, adding, and subtracting are all possible through your system. In the fourth option, called "mixed," you'll find equations involving all three processes. A level's numbers and a place to enter your answers will be displayed at the screen's base. The bats will swoop down from the ceiling. Look at the equation on their heads, and either click on the numbers with the mouse and hit the attack button, or use the numeric keys to enter the answer and hit the attack button. If you answer correctly, your cannon will launch a sweet at the bat, causing it to vanish. Eliminating bats awards you points. How exciting!

How To Play Math vs Bat

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