Mini Muncher

Mini Muncher

Mini Muncher is famished and cannot wait to devour her tasty delights! In this sweet and wacky puzzle game, can you assist her in consuming a great deal of candy?

The objective is to feed the Little Muncher chocolate by repositioning the sardine box in order to reveal the chocolate. You earn more money the less you move. There are 21 mini-levels to complete the entire game. There is no time constraint, but if you go more slowly, you will receive a "big" cheer! To make room for the chocolate bar, you can simply slide the cans in the same direction in which they are lying. Both horizontal and vertical sliding of cans are not possible. If there are no obstructions between the little monster and the chocolate bar, you can slip the delicacy past her. At each stage, you must click on the food and move it to the little monster, but you will occasionally encounter other obstacles. Good luck!


Unblock the chocolate bar by moving the tuna cans out of the way, using minimal moves.

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