If you're looking for a Wordle alternative that resembles Crosswordle, try out Reversle. You are given the last five letters of the solution, and it is your task to figure out which colors correspond to those letters using only visual cues. In place of Crosswordle's daily grid, the inverse Wordle offers a fun alternative. 

How to play

The Reversle puzzle is a 5-by-5 grid with a 5-letter word that is given to you at the outset. All the green tiles on the fifth row contain the solution, and the players' job is to figure out which other words may be made using only the yellow, green, and grey tiles that are set in place. In contrast to Wordle, the rows in Reversle are backwards, and you have to estimate across all five. The green and yellow tiles, on the other hand, can be interpreted as clues. The amount of time you have to guess the last four wrong words correctly has been cut down, which is a big change.

In order to figure out how to guess on Reversle, you can utilize the Wordle rules as a guide. You can't use a letter from a gray column or the column just above a yellow one in the answer word. For the guess rows, the same rule applies: if a green "fixed green" tile shows up, the letter that goes with it must be entered for the guess to be accepted. Also, you should know what will occur if your estimate is accepted on Reversle. If you enter a guess and hit enter to submit it, the entire row will be added to the grid, and you will no longer be able to make any changes to it. However, the game of Reversle isn't particularly finicky about the order in which the letters appear, so this won't affect your strategy much. 


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