2 Chaos Giant 2 Chaos Giant


Featuring a fresh new user interface, brand new gameplay, and a 4x larger terrain than the original Superhero game! Online game 2 Chaos Giant lets you take over opposing weaponry in order to confuse your opponents. Become a giant or an immortal by picking your favorite hero and gaining experience points. Take part in the daily quests in order to receive rewards and gain new characters.



In Super Heroes, io 2 Chaos Giant, you and hundreds of other players combat superheroes and villains. The game begins with heroes. You must click on your character. Captain America's shield is an example. Then your character will be somewhere. To find enemies, you must guide the hero along it. Gather the strewn-about objects. They award points and bonuses. Attack enemies. You can destroy an adversary with a shield.


How To Play 2 Chaos Giant

Move the mouse to move, and click the left mouse button to attack.


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