Timberman is a casual game that takes on the look and feel of classic arcade games. Take on the role of the Timberman by felling trees while avoiding the tree branches. It seems like a rather straightforward procedure, right? It is easy to pick up, but difficult to become proficient at.

The action of Timberman is rather simple: you play the part of a lumberjack with a beard and a red plaid shirt, and you chop down trees with an axe. Because you only have a limited amount of time for each blow, you need to move as swiftly as possible and click to the right or left to avoid the branches in the way. In reality, though, what first glances like a simple task demands pinpoint timing and lightning-fast reflexes. You will receive one point for each piece of wood that is hacked up. If you want a high score, you should try to keep cutting down the unending trees for as long as you can. However, the further you drive, the less time you will have, so you better get moving!


You can either sell the wood you've collected in exchange for money or use it to buy extra characters from the shop if you have enough of it. There are 105 heroes in total, and each one of them has a unique blade at their disposal. Coins are the sole currency that may be used to purchase legendary or epic characters. You can acquire land in your town that your characters can roam and that will reward you with additional wood every hour by using the in-game currency. After you have taken possession of all of the fields, a new area will become available to you.

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