Tridle is a game created by Josh Wardle that is based on the immensely popular Wordle puzzle. In this game, the objective is to solve three Wordle puzzles (referred to as Triple Wordle) at the same time. It is likewise patterned after Dordle and Quordle, but with three pieces rather of two or four as in the originals!


Early in the month of January, I decided to start playing Wordle. Not long after that, I realized that I wanted to play more games, so I decided to create my own Wordle game so that I could play whenever I wanted. Within a day or so, I developed WordGuessr. It ended up becoming fairly popular, and a significant number of people continue to play even today.

When playing Tridle, it is essential to keep a level head despite the seemingly endless supply of squares that appear on your screen. Keep in mind that the Worlde game that you've already mastered is a straightforward, classy, and unique one, and that these grids are simply further levels of that game. As a result, working on Tridle shouldn't be too difficult.

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