Wizarding Wordle

Wizarding Wordle

Do you sometimes wish there was a Wordle game that let you guess Harry Potter words? Certainly, there is one now! The Wizarding Wordle is now available! This Wordle-like clone requires a five-letter response, but the answer might be anything from J.K. Rowling's wizarding world. Daily puzzles incorporate five-letter wizarding terms like "squib," "filch," "cloak," and "broom." Even if you're not a Potterhead, you might do well in Wizarding Wordle if you're familiar with other magical settings.

Wizardry: A Guide to the Game Harry Potter Wordle  is just like regular Wordle, only all of the words in it pertain to the wizarding world. Aside from that minor change, the game plays exactly the same as before. Only five-letter words may be used in this context. A letter will glow yellow or green depending on whether it is part of the final word. No plurals are allowed. To keep your winning streak alive, you have six tries to decipher the secret word.

Playing Wizarding Wordle is otherwise a breeze. If you have five minutes to spare and enjoy daily word puzzles and the Harry Potter series, this is a fantastic way to spend them.


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